How to become your company’s growth hero

Published on October 13, 2019 by Modern Pricing in News.

Know the product strategy that everyone in the company is banking on for revenue growth? It’s filled with new features they pray customers will love, vision statements with lofty catchphrases, and buzzwords like AI and blockchain that capture the promise of new technologies. At best it’s a coherent set of actions that serve true customer needs, and at worst, it’s delusional thinking.

Here’s a secret: becoming your company’s growth hero is more than checking the boxes on the existing strategy. It means going beyond the ill-fitting guidelines to prioritize projects that are both undervalued and have high-certainty of success. 

Think you’re up for the challenge? Chargebee studied 6,452 SaaS companies of all shapes and sizes and ranked pricing as the #1 most overlooked growth opportunity growth in 2019. That’s why we built our new API: Modern Pricing. Our API helps businesses earn more revenue by providing intelligent, real-time pricing recommendations for every potential customer.

With our API, businesses are able to personalize the price of their products for different customer segments or market conditions. This practice is known as dynamic pricing—a proven strategy for increasing revenue. Whether you have no experience with pricing, are an analyst already working on pricing experiments, or are working in a company struggling to find new opportunities for revenue growth, it’s time to improve your product’s pricing.

Modern Pricing is fast, powerful, and reliable, with much to contribute to your company’s bottom line. But this description could apply to many APIs today. What completes the picture for us is that we’re willing to be invested in your company’s success: for a limited time, we’re offering a $10,000 guarantee to select customers that prices determined by our API will earn you more revenue when compared to your existing pricing strategy today. 

Go from static to dynamic pricing to drive 30%+ revenue growth in just days. Create a free account to get started.