Case Studies

Companies that develop strategic pricing for their products are bound to gain an edge over rivals. Our customers, who range from well established companies to new startups, can speak to pricing as a competitive advantage. In every case, we've helped them to increase their yield with just a few lines of code.

Travel membership site boosts revenue 35% in less than 3 months

Revenue plateaued at the travel membership site when its team began exploring new ideas for growing the business. Knowing that their prices had not changed in more than 5 years, they began to realize that their pricing strategy was an overlooked opportunity. So, they turned to Modern Pricing for help.

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Dynamic pricing drives 32% more revenue for top online education startup, Codecademy

The top online coding education startup, Codecademy, reached out to Modern Pricing when they realized they needed help deciding the price for their premium service. Modern Pricing knew that their business was a prime candidate for leveraging dynamic pricing after learning that their user base spanned a wide range of geographies and backgrounds. Weeks after implementation, the substantial impact on their business was clear.

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