How It Works

Learn how Modern Pricing helps you apply dynamic pricing to earn more revenue.

The Modern Pricing Method


We process the IP Address and User Agent for each new visitor to your site.


We predict the highest price level where each visitor is willing to buy.


The prices of your products change to match each user's personalized score.


Your average revenue and conversion rate from new customers increases by 30%+.

A clear path to dynamic pricing.

Introducing a simple, proven workflow that scales, so you can go from static to dynamic pricing with ease.

On your own...
1 Collect non-PII data from your visitors.
2 Filter out bot traffic.
3 Segment visitors based on browsing history.
4 Segment visitors based on spatial economics.
5 Segment visitors based on technographics.
6 Research the price sensitivy of your segments.
7 Develop a scoring algorithm that appropriately weighs varying price sensitivities.
8 Test scoring algorithm on a range of inputs.
9 Adjust the scoring algorithm for edge cases.
10 Define pricing tiers.
11 Create pricing plans.
12 Audit website for mentions of hard-coded prices.
13 Add conversion tracking to measure the efficacy of your pricing strategy.
14 Release.
With Modern Pricing...
1 Create pricing plans.
2 Implement the Modern Pricing API.
3 Release.

Only 3 easy steps—the fast-track to dynamic pricing.

Achieve your revenue goals quicker with a clear, battle-tested pricing strategy, a reliable API to carry it out, and an incredibly helpful, trusted partner along the way.

The results speak for themselves:

On your own... With Modern Pricing...
Time Required Months Days
Risk Level High Low
Yield Lift Unknown 36% average

How does the Modern Pricing algorithm work?

We believe price is the one factor that most affects a product's demand. Our automatic scoring system consumes non-PII data from each visitor to your website and infers the highest price level where they are willing to buy—all in real-time.

Examples of data that are considered before calculating every Modern Pricing score:

Modern Pricing Score
Disposable income

The amount of money that a person has available for spending and saving after income taxes.

Socioeconomic status

Unemployment rate, educational attainment, occupational groups, Gini coefficient, etc.

Area of residence

Urban vs rural, travel time to work, cost of living index, median home value, climate, etc.


Desktop vs mobile device, operating system, browser, internet provider, internet speed index, etc.

Historical knowledge

New vs returning visitor, time on site, pages most frequently visited, prior purchase behavior, etc.

Time-based trends

High-season vs low-season, weekdays vs weekends, mornings vs evenings, one-time events, holidays, etc.

But wait, there's more...

Built-in A/B testing and in-depth insights about your audience.

A/B Testing
Be certain that your pricing changes are driving more revenue for your business with our built-in A/B testing tools.
Score breakdowns
For each Modern Pricing score, we provide a breakdown that shows the unique characteristics of each of your visitors.

Don't take our word for it.

Our customers range from established companies to new startups. In every case, we've helped them to increase their yield with just a few lines of code.

"Modern Pricing helped us realize that pricing is never one-size-fits-all; every visitor is different. With their help, our revenue yield increased 30% virtually overnight."

Herwig K. — InvestReady, Founder & CEO

What's next?

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